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90 Day Buyer Readiness Program

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September 27, 2020

The 90 Day Buyer Readiness Program is designed specifically for 1st time home buyers. The program is a 3 month program walking DIVAS through a series of modules that hit directly at the core of the doubts, fears, financial, credit, savings and income generation challenges faced by those desiring to become owners. The program is designed to establish a strong financial foundation, build healthy credit files, build financial discipline, create the conversation of income generation and ensure DIVAS are mentally prepared for ownership and; have a full understanding of how to build their wealth in real estate beyond their first home.


The 90 Day Buyer Readiness Program is a masterclass for novice buyers that need more than a credit boost, more than a tutorial or workshop on the buying process but a sound, real life, individualized path way to the purchase of their new home with an experienced Mentor, Coach and Accountability Partner supporting them along the way to their success.

This intensive online program combines high-quality curriculum with The Diva's experienced instruction to help you achieve your home ownership dreams.


Package Highlights Include:

  • DIVAS "Diminish Your Doubt" Initial Session

  • Analysis of impeding financial behavioral patterns

  • "Non-Judgmental” Expense  Study

  • 12 month Budget Creation

  • Credit Analysis & Restoration Strategy

  • Recommendations of Repayment Strategies for current debt

  • Exploration of Income Generation Opportunities

  • Savings Plan Creation 

  • Accountability Partnership for 3 Months 

  • 7 Bi-weekly Modules 

  • 3 One Hour Group Monthly  Coaching Sessions

  • Divas Design-HER Wealth Workbook

  • Personalized Motivational Correspondence over the 90 period directly from Sherkica

  • COMPLIMENTARY Copy of  the Best-Selling Ebook. "DIVAS Doing Real Estate: 3 Steps to Purchasing Your First Home"



  • A Private FB group for open conversation with like-minded DIVAS on the same journey

  • Recorded Group and One on One Coaching Calls

  • 90 Minute Intensive with Sherkica 


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Divas Doing Real Estate Consulting, LLC is not a brokerage firm. All information is for educational purposes only.

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