The Becoming of a Multiple 

Six Figure Real Estate DIVA 


DIVA, you will never be paid your worth as it is far above any dollar amount but you certainly can increase your bank account to live the life you and your family deserve. Personal and financial freedom is the goal and creating income streams that increase your income, while simultaneously reducing your work hours should be the priority.


In my newest Master Class, I am sharing how I have developed multiple six-figure income streams that allow me to work less hours, spend more time with my family, travel and pursue other passions without feeling overwhelmed or guilty.

You are a DIVA Doing Real Estate and you can create multiple income streams from the  services you already provide your clients and more so to balance out our industry fluctuations.  

As the saying goes, “If you stay ready, you never have to get ready.”


This class is for you if:

  • You wish to create multiple streams of income within your current wheelhouse

  • Ever felt that you were spinning your wheels with “certain”clients and not making it to the closing table

  • Have service ideas in your head but unable to get to the point that you are creating and monetizing

  • Not sure where or how your next client 


Join The Becoming of a Multiple Six-Figure Real Estate DIVA Masterclass to:

  • Learn how to calculate the value of your real estate expertise and to create multiple 6 figure income streams doing exactly what you already do within your business.  

  • Learn your “hourly” rate and begin to think differently about your time. 

  • Learn to monetize your “extra” business activities professionally, practically and with confidence

  • Learn to Create a system to help the clients that pull on your heart strings but are not ready to make your bank account “jump”

  • Stop giving “it” away for free DIVAS. Learn how to separate your ideal buyer/seller clients and be okay with monetizing on those that just wanna “pick your brain”. 

  • Learn how to treat your business as a 9-5 not a 24 hour drive thru and make more money in less time  

        (your ideal clients will honor you, honoring you🤣)

  • Learn why tenants can be your best asset in real estate and a stream of continuous referrals.


  • Stop doing 12 million things not listed on your agency agreement by creating valuable packages to address the needs of your A-B-C clients. 

  • ​Accept that YOU are an expert, OWN it and CHARGE for it!

  • Learn not to create Investor Services that POPP!

  • Be the BOSS, start your own brokerage, build a solid team and keep the coins!

  • Talk DIVA talk! Network to Create a referral system within your state or region. Be that DIVA that everyone wants to send business.

  • Discover how to Develop services to offer to a nonprofit. You are blessed to be a blessing and that alone will open doors that no man can shut.


At the end of the Master Class you will have created:​

  • 2-4 Strategies to create Multiple Six-Figure Income Streams that you can implement immediately​ to build up your account

  • Designed a system to effectively track your time and how you apply your time to each client based as well as how to monetize each client base without feeling like you are "nickel and diming"

  • Confidently price your services and communicate to clients and customers

Don't over think it just click the link below to Join the Masterclass for ONLY $47.00.  

I promise I am giving you EVERYTHING and you will be amazed at how much money you are leaving on the table by not leveraging your expertise and experience.

You don't want to miss this class!

Divas Doing Real Estate Consulting, LLC

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