September 10, 2019

As a real estate professional, I have entered many salesrooms or more commonly what would be called showrooms for new construction builds.  These sales rooms consist of elaborately decorated furnishings, rich colored walls, home accessories galore and an a array of “bu...

December 14, 2018


Now that the turkey and dressing is finally digested or burned off from the guilt ridden mornings in the gym over the last few weeks, the Christmas shopping bug has bitten... hard.

With just under two weeks left until Christmas, the scramble begins.  


December 7, 2018

If you are apart of the DIVAS tribe you know that with all the love I have for the white sands of the beach being in deep blue waters with this beautiful creature is so not me!

But let me just say, “I did that hunni”!

Who in the world would have guessed, I would ta...

August 23, 2018

“We are on record” 

These are the words every Realtor loves to hear.

These four words indicate that the deal is done and your buyer is officially a new homeowner. In this case, Ms. Maria is a new first time homeowner after four closing date changes, two extension request...