Pretty in Paris...Getting Back to "Me"

It has literally taken me 10 days to recover from the extraordinary overload of all five senses while visiting Paris, France earlier this month. I have been so mentally and emotionally full from my travels, I took a few days to absorb the experience, gather, organize and journal my thoughts. In January, I created my first Vision Board while at a business retreat. On that Vision Board I listed several specific personal, business and financial goals. I had no idea that based on that visualization, I would land in Paris six months later on a self titled, "WORKcation"  with the opportunity to be a super model for the day! I desire to share this experience with each of you and I believe I have fi

Dreaming In the Clouds...

Dreaming In the Clouds… For years my husband and I have played a very unique game while traveling.  If on a road trip, we will each dream about what we would do if we won the lottery. The amount is always based on the first lottery billboard that we pass. We generally approach a sign within 2-3 hours of either direction of our road trip. By the time, we made the approach of the billboard, we had already guesstimated an amount and began to ponder all the things we would do with the payout.  The road trip fantasies seemed to keep us on a basic course, listing the normal wishes such as paying our tithes, paying off all of our bills, giving to family, setting the kids up well for the future, tra

She believed she could, so she did!

I have been running today like a chicken with her head cut off and I totally disregarded the date. Not only is today the half way mark of the year, it happens to be our Real Estate and Property Management Firm's anniversary. Happy 12th Anniversary Carod Properties! Wow, that sounds like such an incredible length of time. However, I feel as if I blinked and here I am a decade plus later still loving what I do and especially who I do it for. Twelve years ago, I took on the role of Broker In Charge for a boutique firm after a pair of novice owners with big dreams of owning a property management firm realized they could not operate without a BIC.  They were a retired accountant and a previous ap

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