When you decide...You Shall Be Free

How one action can change the entire course of your life? This past Sunday, we had a tremendous church service! Every word seemed to keep the parishioners on the edge of their seat craving the next! Don't get your panties in a bunch I am not going into a deep spiritual lesson. However, stay with me for a moment (or two). The Pastor gave this incredible sermon about the story of Isaac, Esau and Jacob. I had never heard this interpretation before and so I too was intrigued and 100% engaged. Then he read a verse! It hit me so hard I have yet to keep the words from ringing in my ears! The last sentence of Genesis 27:40: "But when you decide to be free, you will break loose of the chains holding

Real Talk DIVAS, When all else fails...Encourage Yourself

One of the biggest impediments to reaching any goal, is waiting for someone to cosign on your dream. We all do it!  We convince ourselves that we’re just asking for a casual opinion, or just speaking our goal into existence by sharing it with those closest to us. In reality, we want someone to say, “Great idea,” or “You can do it!” We are then discouraged and thrown off of our path to realizing that dream, because more times than we expect, we hear a much different response. It’s naïve but human nature to think that your loved ones, family, friends, co workers —whom you’ve given your time, talents, and money to and would support whatever fly by night scheme they pursued—are going to support

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