Divas Doing Real Estate's  5 Tips to a Healthy Financial Holiday

Divas, Now that the turkey and dressing is finally digested or burned off from the guilt ridden mornings in the gym over the last few weeks, the Christmas shopping bug has bitten... hard. With just under two weeks left until Christmas, the scramble begins. Does everyone have their lists ready or half way conquered? WIth four children and a true lover of the Christmas spirit, I am fully aware of the joys and the struggles/stress the holidays can bring. I hope my tips will help you save financially focused and even thik out the box this holiday to avoid the hoilday heartaches and pocketbook burns. If you are still sitting at home dreading going out on this weekend and can't bring yourself to g


If you are apart of the DIVAS tribe you know that with all the love I have for the white sands of the beach being in deep blue waters with this beautiful creature is so not me! But let me just say, “I did that hunni”! Who in the world would have guessed, I would take the plunge into deep waters to swim with a dolphin. You know the water where you cannot stand up and you have to rely on your life jacket and ability to keep calm to float. Well if you guessed "not Sherkica" you are 100% correct! Initially, I was terrified to let go of the comfort of the wading area to swim to the center of the pool allowing myself to “swim” with the dolphins. Instead, I watched admiring 7 others including a 1

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