Sherkica Miller-McIntyre desires to share her passion, commitment and determination to assist women in their pursuit of financial stability. Real Estate has afforded Sherkica the opportunity of freedom and the flexibility to pursue her focus of helping change the lives of other women.  Allow her to share her experience transitioning from a corporate environment, to becoming a successful entrepreneur while being a dedicated wife and mother, with 100% commitment to her family.  Let Sherkica share her “WHY” as an inspiration to others to never lose sight of their dreams and goals.



Sherkica aims to provide insight to others on:


  • Goal Setting and Remaining Focused

  • Accountability to yourself and others

  • How to remain calm in the storm

  • Keeping your eyes on “your” prize while others may be “winning”

  • Learning to leap when you do not see a landing

  • How Real Estate was the "game changer"

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