The Becoming of an Investor Friendly 

DIVA Doing Real Estate 


DIVA, you will never be paid your worth as it is far above any dollar amount but you certainly can increase your bank account to live the life you and your family deserve while providing impeccable service to your clients.


 Personal and financial freedom is the goal and creating income streams that increase your profitability while simultaneously  being the DIVA professional is a win-win for yourself and those you serve. 


In my newest Master Class, I am sharing how I have developed strategies over the last 14 plus years to service one of my favorite client bases, investors.  As a real estate professional, I recognized early that investors, both novice and experts, were a great match for my skill set.  


Join me in my current Master Class to learn the techniques, tools, resources and processes, I have implanted to be a

ONE STOP SHOP  for investor clients. 

You are a DIVA Doing Real Estate!

 It is time to level up your services!

As the saying goes, “If you stay ready, you never have to get ready.”


This class is for you if:

  • You desire to service investor clients and need guidance

  • You wish to learn how to create multiple streams of income within your current wheelhouse that align with investor needs

  • Ever had to turn away an investor client because you were unsure how to best service their needs

  • Have service ideas in your head but unable to get to the point that you are creating and monetizing these ideas

  • Not sure where or how to obtain investor clients 


Join The Becoming of an Investor Friendly Real Estate DIVA Masterclass to:

  • Learn how to obtain and attract long term, repeat investor clients.  

  • Learn you to create value of your real estate expertise and to create multiple income streams while working with investor clients.

  • Learn how to be a ONE STOP SHOP for investors so that they are seeking your services and making referrals

  • Learn to monetize your business activities related to investors professionally, practically and with confidence​​

  • Learn to stop giving “it” (your knowledge, time and expertise) away for free DIVAS

  • Learn the difference between your buyer's agency responsibilities, coaching and consulting

  • Learn why investors can be your best asset in real estate and a stream of continuous business


  • Stop doing 12 million things not listed on your agency agreement by creating valuable packages to address the needs of  A-B-C investor clients

  • Learn how to create Investor Services that POPP!


At the end of the Master Class you will have:​

  • 2-4 Strategies to attract, obtain and retain investor clients

  • The information, tools and resources to design a program to service your ideal investor client that will WOW them

  • Confidently price your services

Don't over think it just click the link below to Join the Masterclass for ONLY $47.00.  

I promise I am giving you EVERYTHING I have learned over 14 years working with investors!

You don't want to miss this class!

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