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By profession, Sherkica Miller-McIntyre is License Realtor and Property Manager in North and South Carolina. However not only does Sherkica assist clients with brokerage services, she passionately focuses on educating clients on credit; budget and savings; and how to maintain and continue to build wealth through real estate; and vigorously promotes the benefits of a career within real estate. The goal for Sherkica is to reinforce the idea that freedom from debt, understanding of how credit works and can be used to build wealth, and learning to operate on a balanced budget, provides avenues of life less traveled by most, in particular, women. Sherkica’s ideology is to motivate individuals to work towards their home ownership and investing goals through one on one credit counseling, personalized budget and savings plan, motivational techniques and continued accountability. 

Sherkica strives to meet every individual where they are in life and commit to supporting them through their challenges, hurdles and mishaps in order to achieve the ultimate goals of financial stability and self-accomplishment.  Sherkica holds both a BSBA and MBA with an emphasis in Marketing has over 23 years of experience in Financial Services, Customer Service and Management, Financial Consultant experience and a Mortgage loan background. 

Sherkica, along with her supportive husband and business partner, Gary, has been able to exponentially grow a successful Real-Estate and Property Management Firm, over the last 13 years. Serving as both the Broker in Charge and Property Manager, her office has served the Charlotte, NC area, assisting tenants, property owners, buyers, sellers and investors. Roughly 70% of the sales clients have been first time homebuyers.  The joy found in assisting in the transformation of a tenant into a homeowner is indescribable.  Sherkica has catered to the needs of hundreds of investment clients spanning the globe from Saudi Arabia to California assisting with portfolio building and management. Partnering with Real Estate Investors has allowed her to learn the value of wealth-building and desires to share this knowledge.

Currently, Sherkica and Gary also maintain a personal real-estate investment portfolio consisting primarily of single-family residences. These ventures have heightened Sherkica’s thought process regarding the need for increased education regarding credit, budgeting and savings amongst low and middle-income earners and specifically women, thus the creation of Divas Doing Real Estate.

Sherkica is also a proud mother of four amazing children, has recently become the “grandma” of an adorable Alaskan Husky, loves to travel and has found a new passion in Coloring Books for adults.



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