She believed she could, so she did!


I have been running today like a chicken with her head cut off and I totally disregarded the date. Not only is today the half way mark of the year, it happens to be our Real Estate and Property Management Firm's anniversary. 


Happy 12th Anniversary Carod Properties! 


Wow, that sounds like such an incredible length of time. However, I feel as if I blinked and here I am a decade plus later still loving what I do and especially who I do it for. 


Twelve years ago, I took on the role of Broker In Charge for a boutique firm after a pair of novice owners with big dreams of owning a property management firm realized they could not operate without a BIC.  They were a retired accountant and a previous apartment superintendent.  At the time I was a motivated Broker, investor and owned several rentals, I thought the partnership was perfect.


Two years into the relationship and in the midst of the business growing exponentially, the owners decided they wanted out for personal reasons. My husband and I were blessed to be able to purchase the firm. And just like that I was not only the Broker In Charge, I was the owner. 


The journey from homeowner, to investor, to Broker, to Firm Owner has been a roller coaster ride that I would not trade for anything. Each moment, I have enjoyed thoroughly. In fact every day seems to provide me more clarity on why I was given these opportunities. 


The most important aspect of this God-ordered path I have been afforded to walk is the experience I have gained. As I consider every sales transaction, property management contract, buyer, owner, applicant, situation, and connection; it becomes overwhelmingly obvious my path was designed to help other DIVAS.  


DIVAS  just like you that desire more for themselves, who seek financial freedom and aim to create a long lasting legacy for their families.


I believed I could achieve my goals with faith and hard work.  I believed in my abilities to create a life for myself and my family. I believed that Real Estate was my path.   I have a long way to go to reach my ultimate dreams but I trust as long as I believe I can, I shall!







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