Pretty in Paris...Getting Back to "Me"

It has literally taken me 10 days to recover from the extraordinary overload of all five senses while visiting Paris, France earlier this month. I have been so mentally and emotionally full from my travels, I took a few days to absorb the experience, gather, organize and journal my thoughts.


In January, I created my first Vision Board while at a business retreat. On that Vision Board I listed several specific personal, business and financial goals. I had no idea that based on that visualization, I would land in Paris six months later on a self titled, "WORKcation"  with the opportunity to be a super model for the day!

I desire to share this experience with each of you and I believe I have finally found the right words to express the awesomeness of my adventure.


First, let me start with the fact that Paris is certainly all that I dreamed it would be.  From the moment I touched down I felt the mystery and romance blanket me. I had no problem being wrapped in the ambience and I found a way to nestle right in.


The first night in the city, the magic began. I was able to connect with several beautiful, bold, brilliant, black French DIVAS. At a cocktail party, we talked, laughed and shared our experiences as women, mothers, wives and entrepreneurs.  They asked questions about my experiences in America and I inquired of theirs in France.  

Oddly, yet befitting, I was introduced to Monifah, a new transplant to Paris from NYC. Monifah and I quickly made friends as she owns property in Atlanta, GA and was interested in my Realtor services.  


Look at that, DIVAS Doing Real Estate internationally over cocktails!



The next three days were power packed with information, revelation, inspiration and intentional focus on "GETTING BACK TO ME". This was the theme of the weekend for the Happy Black Woman Retreat, the precuring cause of my magnificent travels. I was honored and humbled to share this opportunity to learn, work and take intentional action on getting back to "Sherkica", with eleven other extraordinary DIVAS. We laughed, cried, prayed, explored, ate and shopped our way through Paris!

Once our conference ended, I was able to sightsee. I can not get over how beautiful the city is in person.  I have visited Europe previously, however, I believe Paris has to be one of the most intriguing cities in Europe. I certainly plan to find out (that's another topic for another day).


Being up close and personal with the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Arc De Triumphe, the Seine River, Notre Dame and all of the art, architecture, edible delights and the romance of the French language left me speechless.  


And lets not forget the infamous Louis Vuitton flagship store on the avenue des Champs-Élysées. My weakness!