Divas desire the opportunity to have their voices heard. Divas Doing Real Estate is passionate about allowing our clients to articulate their heartfelt desires and dreams toward ownership, investing or career aspirations in Real Estate. Each session is concluded with a review of your real estate dream, a recommendation for your next DIVA step and the best fit Divas Doing Real Estate service package. 




Please note when booking services with multiple sessions you will only be required to schedule your initial One on One Session with your initial payment. You will be instructed in your Welcome Packet Email within 24 hours of payment on how to proceed with scheduling your remaining One on One Sessions.

Below prices reflect SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY SPECIALS through 12/5/2020

Due to the sensitive nature of The Divas Diamond Package, direct scheduling is required with Sherkica Millier-McIntyre @ or by phone 760-50-DIVAS

Divas Doing Real Estate Consulting, LLC

Divas Doing Real Estate Consulting, LLC is not a brokerage firm. All information is for educational purposes only.

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